Home of the 7-Point Hair Design

Many people get a license and cut hair.  However, it takes great care and study to design a look that enhances and compliments your natural beauty while minimizing less flattering features.  Here is our 7-Point Hair Design System:


Facial Analysis.  Proper analysis goes well beyond standard face shape diagnosis.  We look at the shape of your eyes, brows and brow bone, cheeks and cheekbones.  Next, we’ll classify your jaw and chin. Then we consider your mouth and lip lines.  The character of your nose is also considered to create your most flattering design.

The length of your layers at the highest point determines which features are highlighted when someone sees you from the front.  Therefore, we never choose it arbitrarily.

Layers can be shaped differently to balance and flatter your profile.

Outline lengths are chosen for balance and proportion, while outline angles can be used to soften or accent.

Graduation gives your design its shape and is the key to staying current!

The bang or fringe design can add just the right personality to your style.

Proper texturizing makes the most of your hair’s abilities.


Perhaps you remember a favored stylist from long ago that used to do this for you...maybe you’ve yet to experience one.  You don’t have to wait any longer. Call to reserve your no cost, no risk, no obligation consultation. 717-737-4796